In motion

Just spent two nights in Pittsburgh (totally unexpected jaunt) and lots of nights on the couch. Ergh. Just took one of my remaining Percocet to soothe my aching back.

On Friday, I spent 12 solid hours driving. No kidding. I was so lost in D.C., and I drove straight into a cop trap. A cop looked in my car and decided to let me through, but he did pull aside the Middle Eastern man in front of me. *whew* Like I had time to waste. The drive back was about five hours or so — through torrential downpours in three states and fog thicker than the smoke in my apartment during any given party. I was able to unwind this evening wtih Shawn, though, for the newest episode of “Sex and the City.”

How I spent my New Year: eating, boozing, chain-smoking and sitting my ass in the car for another whirlwind trip. If how you ring in the New Year is truly the indicator of how the rest of your year is going to go, then I will be in a whirlwind motion for the rest of 2004. Even when I sleep, I feel like I’m moving — I dream about driving and my legs and arms are constantly twitching.

Kadi managed to trash the house during the 48 hours I was AWOL. What the hell IS it with her and ripping everything off the fridge and countertops? Although I must admit she has been adorable with fetching coffee stirrers. She is one of the rare cats who plays fetch, and stirrers are her new favorite toys.

*yawn* Percocet is kicking in. Work starts tomorrow — I hope the warm, fuzzy “It’s a new year — hurrah! I’m going to make big changes” feeling doesn’t dissipate the second I drag my ass into that building sometime around 9 a.m.

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