Although I Don’t Have a Damn Thing to Report. …

I figured I’d blog anyway. Hah!

My lungs feel black and my throat feels swollen — just a belated punishment from enjoying my weekend a bit too much, I’m afraid. And I still have half a pack of cigarettes in the car, so I’m trying to get rid of those, one by one. lol.

Atttempted to drag my lazy ass to the gym last night. Can I just bitch how UNFAIR it is that in order to get to the workout floor, you have to walk up two flights of steps? And they’re not like the bunny hill at the ski slopes, either — they’re steep!!! Jesus H., you get your workout between the front desk and the warmup area; one might as well slither right back down the steps and consider the workout over!

I stayed on one machine for an hour. An hour! This, after not being at the gym for two weeks. Of course, I had to drag my rotting carcass outta there after that before my lungs exploded. Some people remember 9/11 for many reasons — personally, I remember it as the last day I hoisted my ass to Bally’s at Landmark. hee hee. I’m gonna try to go again tonight, but I’m going to do easy stuff — the toxins in my body aren’t quite ready to be forced out, as I attempted to do last night. Props to SM for bringing me a big vat of water when I was on the machine for 55 minutes! She rocks!

Goin’ back to Shitzburgh this weekend. Ugh. My heart is already palpitating, thinking of the nasty drive ahead. I love driving TO the booming metropolis (this is said tongue-in-cheek, BTW), but coming back is a nightmare. I think I’ll try a different route, for at least the last part of it anyway … I’d do anything to avoid the Beltway, as much as possible. But whatever — I’m long overdue for a road trip, and at least Mom will feed me well … this living on chips & salsa shit is for the birds. 🙂

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