All cracked out …

And no one to screw. Shit.

Wild night. Wild weekend. IKEA Boy and I totally deserved to smoke ourselves silly, drink ourselves into further happiness, see some naked boys at Wet and wander over to Nation for a roll. 🙂 We just got in from Pittsburgh this evening, after two days of running around and stuffing ourselves silly on food ever-so-graciously prepared by Wobin. And even though we barely slept, we figured we’d ingest some happy pills to finally become relaxed.

IKEA Boy found himself a cutie from El Salvador (related, he asked me to note here that he has, with this kid, officially completed his “South American Collection” of hookups. lol). As for me, before we decided to go out tonight, I was about to dial any of the numbers waiting to be called from my cell phone, but I didn’t. Damn. And now that I’m rolling, I REALLY wish I’d found a hookup for myself. Waste of a roll, perhaps, but no muss, no fuss, right? Hmmm. Who can I call at 4:15 a.m.?!?! Jesus H., am I horny. This is IKEA Boy’s third pickup this week, and he’s only been single for the better part of two or three weeks. Christ, one of these days, I need to go to a STRAIGHT club so I can find someone to drag home, too. 🙂 Seeing all those bouncing balls and hot naked boys has made me want to find a boy to straddle. Argh — where’s that telephone pole?!?! 🙂

The strange thing is, with MDMA, that keeps us up for two days. Not me. I’ll probably go look at some porn and go to bed. I need to sleep, and at least I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy and will totally enjoy it. 🙂 I’ll write more about the weekend later — right now, it’s all about satiating the more pressing need first!!!

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