Okay, so I haven’t even STARTED packing for Turkey Day in the ‘Burgh, but due to my absolute refusal to leave the apartment in its usual state of disappointment, I have:

1. Scrubbed the bathroom tiles and ceiling with products by Lysol and Clorox, finally spot-cleaning the grout with bleach;

2. Scrubbed the tub (and had to keep pulling Maddie away from it);

3. Unloaded the dishwasher and placed items where they belong instead of stacking them randomly in the kitchen;

4. Reloaded the dishwasher with the mountain of shit in the sink (and I will probably run it in a few minutes);

5. Bagged up all the trash in the house for introduction to the dumpster tomorrow, including a stack-o-boxes that Tiff left behind that I hope she wasn’t planning to keep…lol;

6. Cleaned all the kitchen counters and appliances (stovetop, coffee pot, toaster, etc.) and wiped down the fridge and drawers;

7. Dust-bustered the kitchen;

8. Scrubbed the bathroom floor, walls and door;

9. Removed old food from fridge for burial in the dumpster;

and, on a more personal note:

10. Went out to dinner with Shan before grabbing a half-hour workout at the gym;

11. Redesigned Maddie’s page because the broken header tag that used to be there prevented me from editing her template. I’m not very happy with it, but it was the least obnoxious Blogskin that I could find, especially when I was trying to match the image at the top, which is trimmed in pink; and

12. Made it to the holiday without acting upon the traditional, festive homicidal urges. Woo hoo!!!

Of course, re: Point #12, the holiday hasn’t happened yet, so there’s always time to reverse that outcome. ::Sigh:: Susan says there is 3″ of snow and the skies are full of gloom and doom at our destination point. Yippee frickin’ skippy. While it’s colder than a witch’s tit in January down here, it’s still deceptively sunny (i.e., you THINK it’s going to be warm, but then you get a frosty draft up your ass, and you know better. hee hee). Props and utmost gratitude to Susan for agreeing to provide shelter for IKEA Boy and me during our adventure!!!

At any rate, damn does this place smell good. It needs a lot more work, but I need to pack (and maybe do a load of laundry), get the cat all packed up (oh, christ, the impending agony. …) So … what did YOU do today?!?! lol. BTW, I hate housework, but the cat isn’t pitching in, so it’s all on me. 🙂 Unfortunately, I never have enough time to devote to working on my personal space. The knickknacks are clean (and there are hundreds of them), the linens are freshly washed, and I did five loads of laundry last weekend, but that isn’t enough. Shit. I need to hook up with a man who will share the housework with me (and I will reward him bountifully for his efforts!!!). Any takers out there?!?!

On a final note. …

Happy Turkey Day, Turkeys!!! Unless I do a quick post tomorrow, I’ll be AWOL for a few days as IKEA Boy (yes, now he’s coming with me again!) and I hit the highways and byways to visit the land of the Black and Gold. Don’t miss me too much, and be sure to indulge as much tryptophan as humanly possible so you can conk out and forget that this holiday ever happened!!!

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