Executive Summary

Still cracked out, but managed to sleep for a couple of hours. Up and drinking french vanilla coffee, brewed with a few dashes of cinnamon. Mmmm. Turned on the heating unit, finally, and am feeling toasty and happy. Today is an inspiring day in my life — could be the continuing, gentle roll, but whatever the source of my contentment, let me enjoy it before it evaporates this week. 🙂

The weekend was SO full of activity, but right now, I’ll just immortalize the bullets and probably elaborate on each of them during the coming week:

1. Bonded with IKEA Boy during the three-day adventure. We were not only finishing each other’s sentences, but voicing our identical thoughts in unison. Truly had a wonderful time, just wandering the highways, spending time with my family and friends, and eating lots of good food. We were overdue for some good one-on-one time, free of chaos and drama, and we returned with a new appreciation of our lives, Washington, D.C. (and its accompanying distance from our homeland), and our friendship.

2. Visited Susan. and brought birthday gifts for 3-year-old Courtney. Bryan was pleasant and present; IKEA Boy played with their dogs and was surprised and touched when Courtney came over to him to read her book to him. I also gave Courtney this beautiful (I think) dress that is black velvet on top with glittery purple stars, with a shimmery purple skirt. Wearing that dress, she looked like the little princess that I always envision her to be. I figure, it was a dress I would have bought for myself if it came in a size above a girls’ 6X, so I knew it would be perfect for her. 🙂

2. b. Saw Susan’s ultrasound pictures for Courtney and new baby Chloe, who is due March 17. It was so neat, seeing their little eyes and arms in the wispy shadows of the black-and-white film. I can’t wait to meet this new, perfect little creature. 🙂

3. Visited Kristin and drank amaretto sours till we were all nice and buzzed. I love Kristin and enjoyed our time together, but we wish she were happier with her life and herself, because she’s a beautiful person who deserves and wants a man in her life, but as she is missing that last crucial piece of the puzzle (and is approaching her 30th birthday to boot), she is visibly, palpably discontented. I absolutely feel what she’s feeling (she’s only a year older than me), but I also know that a life without a man, while it sucks, it ain’t so bad, except when all of your friends are getting laid and you’re NOT!!! But, like an old colleague used to say, “I’d rather be alone than wish I were.” We’ve all dated enough jackasses to last us a lifetime — we still have plenty of time to find that perfect jackass that we will eventually marry. lol.

4. Spent just the right amount of time with Mom and Grampy before needing to run screaming back to Alexandria to return to my “normal” life, but I still wish I could just pack them up and bring them with me so that I can be near them always. My family is tiny (just the three of us now), and there’s a certain amount of guilt that an only child who has flown the coop with jet fuel in her Sunfire has to bear for leaving her only family behind. They don’t try to give me guilt — that’s just part of the benefit package. (*Here, honey, have some turkey and a heaping helping of now-that-you’ve-left-me-there’s-nothing-left-for-me-to-live-for.*) I’ll go back for seconds of this plateful of joy on Xmas. IKEA Boy, pleeeeaaaase come back with me!!!! 🙂

5. Joe. I never had the opportunity to meet him when he was alive, but a significant part of this weekend’s journey included learning about this wonderful creature, seeing the site where he lost his life and visiting his grave out in the sticks of Southwestern Pennsylvania. I will most likely write about him in my next entry, and it will also likely include my life-after-death and reincarnation commentaries, along with a side of IKEA Boy that I was honored to witness, as this was someone he will hold tightly in his heart for the rest of his life. (I weep for Joe, who needlessly lost his life at 21, when IKEA Boy’s ex recently tried to take his own life so selfishly. Ironic how those with hope and those without it seem to trade fates.)

6. Maddie was soooo GOOD in the car with IKEA Boy driving! Most of you may not know that he gave Maddie to me more than six years ago — he had named her Madonna (yes, after the Goddess of Gay Men) — and she was very happy to hang out and play with her deadbeat Daddy. 🙂 Outside of the car, though, she was a BAD little cat. Very bad. Check out her website in the coming days, and I’ll let her tell you herself what a little troublemaker she is.

7. Observation: In Farmington, Pa., there was a huge field full of cows that we passed, and the sign in front of it read: “Homemade Pies.” Ewwww. …

8. Back in Virginia, IKEA Boy and I threw ourselves together and headed up to Arlington to spend some time with Paul and Bryan, who got us nice and smoked up. It was wonderful to decompress with our friends, as we laughed and shared stories and savored each other’s company. There aren’t a whole lot of genuine and loving people down here (that I’ve met, anyway), but those two are everything I could ever want in friends and more.

And on a final note, talked with Shan this while I was in Pittsburgh, speaking of wonderful people in my adopted city. Happy Birthday Shan!!! Gawd, hearing her voice made me so happy. IKEA Boy and I were talking about how awesome she is and how lucky we are to have connected with her. Hearing from her was strangely exhilarating, because having her in my life down here is a huge reason that I have been able to come to know and call Alexandria “my home.”

For right now, it’s good to be back. Very good. 🙂 I hope my readers have had a wonderful adventure as well. Feel free to share your stories in the Comments section below!!!

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