Well, who knew?

Got a tidbit of news from Charolette today that fiscally, Two Strikes treated me as an exec long after my self-inflicted demotion. Turns out that they SHOULD have reduced my precious time bank payout from 21 to 14 hours (reminder, this is payout; I still worked at least 20 to 30 hours beyond normal timebank allowance anyway, each pay period), but they didn’t. That was probably a premeditated oversight on F/OM’s part, who should have told Brat to slash that perk. Props to F/OM for letting me get that extra payout every month! I adore him all the more today!!!

So HR Directrix is going on med leave? Probably from HRP stressing her the hell out. I hope her previous illness is not recurring, however. She’s a good person who deserves to leave all that behind her.

Never did hear from SE this weekend. Should I be offended?

Charolette’s coming to Virginia tomorrow night! Yay!

I’m still sick as a dog. Damn it. But it improves my driving, ‘cuz I just don’t care how fast I go or how many traffic laws I break, as long as I arrive as I arrive at my destination in one piece. Loving it, this nonchalance!!!

Need a cigarette BAD!!! Just wish I could BREATHE, though!

They serve Starbucks’ coffee here at work. Yay! No more spending $3.75 every a.m. on the way to work at the South Side Starbucks, like I always used to! This living on a budget stuff is getting a BIT easier! LOL … yeah, right!

My chair is making me itchy … it’s brown and furry and does nothing for me, ergonomically or aesthetically. But I DO love having an office (with one of those door thingies … what a concept!) and windows (although I do have a rather grand view of the ghetto Chi Chi’s restaurant and the parking lot). But I really miss F/OM … Charolette says he was printing out my contact info today … that made me happy to hear.

Got email from CR today. Funny how we had to keep our distance when I was in Pgh, but now communication is regular. I guess it’s safe now that we’re 250 miles apart.

Also got email from Monkey Boy. What a treat!

Not feeling so lonely today. Just achy and bitchy, like usual, but definitely not lonely! 😉

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