My ass hurts.

Honestly, that’s about the only complaint I have today. 420 Boy has always asked me what I’d put in the blog after I left Two Strikes. For a few entries, I wrote about all the bullshit that no longer affected me but entertained me nonetheless. I have no bitching about the new job (yet, but give me time!). I kinda like it. It’s weird, not making high-level decisions that affect the entire company, but the lack of pressure in that area is kinda cool, too, because the most important decision I make in a day is whether to walk past the receptionist to go to the ladies room or whether to take the long way around, via the fax machine/copy area, just for a change of scenery. And the best part is knowing that there is no one to yell at me, if I take the route that they themselves would NOT have taken!

Got email from Mini-Me today. Was thrilled to hear from me. That’s nice to know. But will she ever dare tell HRP that we still correspond?

Having Charolette in town was fun and a welcome treat. Wish she could’ve stayed longer! We had dinner with Lab Rat and 420 Boy last night in Old Town … good times. 🙂 420 Boy is the only person who never had the pleasure of serving time at Two Strikes, but thanks to the Land of Blog, he was up-to-date on the ranting!

420 Boy and I had a LONG lunch break at Wal-Mart and Panera Bread. (mmm … soup in a breadbowl. …) I don’t think anybody even noticed that we were gone half the afternoon! 😉

Got a bizarre email from the Washington Post announcing that Janet Reno is holding a dance party to raise funds for her gubernatorial campaign. The first line of the blurb was that Janet’s “gettin’ jiggy with it” — that’s just fucking scary!!!

God, this is a boring entry. Perhaps I should discontinue blogging until further drama enters my life? LOL

Oh, one last note … Charolette says that SE said he forgot my phone number when he was in D.C. last weekend. Yeah, a likely story. Uh, hello, I’m listed in Directory Assistance, and secondly, well, I highly DOUBT that my number wasn’t handy. But at any rate, who am I to judge?

Okay, now THIS is finally the last note … no word from DC Boy STILL. MoFo!!! But really, we met in a GAY bar when we were both HIGH on X, and while I might have enjoyed our date (where we were NOT in a bar and NOT on an illegal substance), he probably did NOT like it. Maybe he’s more of a crackhead than we all know … because I certainly declared that while I don’t condemn others using recreational substances, it’s just not my cup of tea (pass me a pack of Marlboro Ultra Lights and a vat of Starbucks’ Java Chip ice cream any day, however!) … and he looked perceptibly perturbed at my statement. Oh WELL! I have THREE … count them, three … responses to my personal ad! Woo hoo!!!! Let’s just hope they don’t run SCREAMING when they see me (or a photo of me, like the one asshole who said I looked OLDER than 28 when in fact I was 26 in the photo! Moron!!!).

At any rate, I see blogger isn’t publishing, so I’ll just post. And frankly, I’m pissed at them because I edited my template last night and the system lost ALL of my changes, as well as the last round of changes I made a few weeks ago. Unreal!!!

Oh well. Back to work!!!

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