This cold is kicking my ass. I thought I’d feel better today, but I feel worse instead.

Talked with Mom today … made me feel a lot better … she can always be strong for me when I can’t find the energy to do it for myself. Took a drive around Alexandria for kicks today. Got Samantha Jones washed … she’s loving it, being back to her normal shiny indigo self. I swear, she drives better when she’s clean!

Didn’t do much of anything on the drive … just took all the streets that look familiar. Luckily, Edsall Road and Duke Street run pretty much parallel, which is good, because they are the two main streets that I traverse on any given day.

Had a “Sex and the City” marathon today … watched almost all of Season Three, which mom gave me on video for my recent b-day. I HATE not having cable, not like I can afford it anyway, and the next season starts on July 21. Rats. Anyway, indulged my sick-kid mentality with a pizza from Big Bite and a whole lotta ice cream. No cigarettes, though. Can’t smoke if I tried … anyway, had a big bag of throat lozenges for dessert after my marathon munchie session!

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