A message from an old friend, Vaughan:

“Hey there Dawn.

I somehow was aware of your eventual departure to the land for lovers, although I was uninformed of the actual time. Although we have not had the pleasure of sharing intoxication lately, it seems as though time will permit one more round of unadulterated bliss. Please count me in, and barring your response, as many of my coworkers as I can muster. As I’m sure you’ve heard, your replacement, (well, half of them), is as equally free-spirited and approaching your talent level. She also shares the same flair for having a good time at any expense, so I will do my damnedest to bring her along, at least. Please also send methods of remaining in contact with you down in VA. I’m envious; it is that area I hope to move to someday as well. Take care, and I’ll hope to see you next Friday.”

What a sweetie!

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