Forgive me, but I’m havin’ girly problems. Oh, my achin’ ovaries. …

I officially did NOTHING at work today! I must qualify to become related to Her Royal Pretentiousness, based on that alone (that would make me Red-Headed Stepchild, for sure!). Not saying HRP doesn’t work, but her family sure doesn’t, minus her sister, who works for Operations and therefore busts her ass like the rest of us.

Charolette … I have to say that the next one off “Survivor” island is gonna be CTL, if Republican Woman doesn’t beat him to the punch to be the next exile! The big, bad meeting today for their department was futile, as expected. Lots of threats but no real plan of action. An ambush, according to Lab Rat. What a pity. When Program Directeur starts off the next staff meeting and says, as usual, “What is it we do that no one else does?” … instead of “Kynship Care!” being the response, it should be, “Driving out the talented, hardworking staff people!” LOL

Note to readers: “Kynship” is meant to have this blog NOT show up in search engines! A fellow disgruntled staff member was recently online and ran a search for Kaufmann’s and my resume popped up!!!! OOOOPS!!!! She laughed and said she’s kept it a secret for weeks but had to chuckle to herself that I was obviously looking for a way out of Two Strikes!!!

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