Sunburned like all hell. Ow! Hurts to breathe. Clothing bad, very bad, today. Casual day at the Wasteland starts tomorrow … too bad today can’t be Naked Day, ‘cuz all I wanna do is rip my jacket off.

Lab Rat and I attended our LAST-EVER STAFF MEETING today. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Lunatics, one and all. Part of me was kinda sad to leave all this behind; then the other part of me said Woooooo-Shhiiiiitttt!!! I am Outta Here!!! So now HRP wants to give kids in foster care classes in etiquette. I think we should pilot the program on staff … so many are just so uncouth. HRP was talking about that these kids might meet the President someday and not know which fork to use. Crap, if my staff met the president, Incoherent Twit would be in fishnets and talk with her mouth full. Oh, god … I feel a pet peeve coming on …. IT always eats powdered donuts and never wipes the corners of her mouth (does she leave cum crusted in the corners after she performs BJs?). I cringe when someone offers donuts at a meeting … she always heads for the powdered. UGH!!!

Anyway, I’ve been out of the office (thankfully) for three days … better get to work! More bitching to come later!!!!

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