Relief. And release.

Relief because the fucking proposal is finished … got it to Airborne Express at 9:25 p.m. last night. To quote Chevy Chase’s character in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” “Hallelujah and holy shit!”

Release because, well, to quote Monkey Boy, I rode me a baloney pony this evening!!!! 😉 Girls, save your comments … I already know what you will have to say! (Yes, SE got some tonight!)

But back to Two Strikes (I don’t dwell on carnal pleasures very long … I need to bitch about work!) So sorry to hear that the Puppeteer thinks I was such a disappointment as development director, so much that she won’t replace me. Pity. When I left Easter Seals, it took not one, but TWO people to do my job. Yes, they hired two people to handle my workload. lol. They should hire AT LEAST that for the position I am leaving at Two Strikes. Poor Lori has to take over all proposal writing. I hope she doesn’t have to work with the Incoherent Twit on proposals when I’m gone … that’s a punishment that makes masturbating with a chainsaw seem like a pleasant idea!

I’ve really hauled ass to produce a fantastic proposal. But I must admit that Lori did a shitload more than I did … getting research and hunting down staff members and outside providers for statistics and potential collaborative efforts. She rocks! But she keeps pointing out to me that she only has more experience than I do … she doesn’t realize that she achieved superhuman accomplishments in pulling both of our proposals together. I only did the writing and did a lot of brainstorming. I will NOT miss trying to get information from staff members, particularly in a timely fashion.

I forged the Puppeteer’s name on the signature pages. I’m sure she’ll have a fit. F/OM said she “chewed [his] ass out” because I missed Leadership. I apologized for him getting in trouble, but I told him that I spent so freakin’ much time on the proposal Tuesday (far longer than the Leadership meeting lasted) … and I was still scrambling to get the fucking thing done yesterday. Where are her priorities? Although I do believe wholeheartedly that she would have been much happier with me suffering through the so-called retreat with her bitching me up one side and down the other. And then she could have had the even greater pleasure of accusing me of not finishing the proposal. Never to fear, but I had another proposal due today that I never even started. 😉 Never a dull moment. Never at all. I will regret the day I ever accepted that position. Granted, I got my car out of the deal, and I love it dearly. But was it worth the torture? Yeah, I guess it was … and that’s probably a big reason why I cherish that precious vehicle.

But speaking of other “riding” experiences, well, hmm. It was interesting, to say the least. Not sure what this means, if anything. I still have plans for Saturday … I’m such a hoe-biscuit! Saturday is “42 boy” — not age but rather existential quandry debating. I have to meet this person … I have got to get to know him in person before I leave this city. Oh, god, I’ve become a man, haven’t I? lol Nothing wrong with having fun. No rings on these fingers other than the ones I purchased for myself!

Mmmm. Will sleep well tonight.

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