Going into Hour 14 at work. Broke down crying around 4:30 as everyone was going home and I was essentially told to get this fucking proposal done or else. Am in mass editing phase; will give up before 10 p.m., as there’s a boatload to do tomorrow on it too that requires assistance and of course nobody’s here. Almost gave F/OM my resignation when he came up to me and I asked to postpone the project till we found a funder with a less complicated RFP. Yeah, right. Puppetteer commanded this proposal, and nobody gives a shit if this job is putting you in your grave.

Just had a quick exchange with Puppeteer’s husband. He was so fucking pleasant! Usually grunts and goes about his crabby way. I must state that Puppeteer’s away at a conference, and has been for a few days. No wonder he’s so fucking chipper.

It’s nearing Brat’s last day here. Gonna miss him. Happy for him in his new venture; saddened because I’m losing one of my (few) dearest friends in this place. Life will be so different for me on Monday … less colorful, more still, less full. I don’t know if he can ever understand the impact he has had across the board in my life.

Damn it, I am sentimental. I hope he misses me even half as much as I will miss having him in my everyday life.

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