Didn’t work last night. Tried, but couldn’t. Feel like shit today … got in at 6:30 a.m. This proposal will never be done in time. Never. The way I see it, I get bitched out for turning in a complete project at the last minute … so how much worse can I get treated for not turning it in at all? Although this is a million-dollar project (over five years) … I can see where Puppetteer will be pissed if/when I miss the deadline!

Oh, my aching body. Feels like war has been waged. Who knew that emotional exhaustion would manifest itself so physically?

Gotta shop for a going-away gift for Brat, one of these days. Hopefully tonight, definitely tomorrow, if not. What to get? Something unique, something only I would think of. Oh, it hurts to think … I see that I ended the last sentence with a preposition, and I’m too worn out to give a shit. Yikes!

Hang in there, Lab Rat. Saw your post. Today is a new day. 😉

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