“In prophecy

All good things must end.

So take care my love, my friend

And keep it precious.”

— Melissa Etheridge, “Keep it Precious” —

Interesting day so far. Thought the song lyric was appropriate as we send Brat off, from his last day at The Wasteland, and also for the fact that I spoke with the HR director at Shawn’s firm and confirmed that I will take the job. (Whether I will go through with it or not, however, is a whole ‘nother issue!)

Don’t have much more to write. Brat liked the gift/card I got him on behalf of the agency. Am certain he will like my personal gift, if he doesn’t have one or one like it already. The card is WAY sentimental and will probably overwhelm him, but it’s how I feel. Will wait till night’s end to give him my gift/card. No sense bringing a sad little cloud over the planned happy hour at Shootz. Accounting Dawn’s going to come, so I am most excited to have her there.

Am certain I will need to blog some more, when I get access to a computer again. ugh … this SUCKS, not being able to afford to get the damn thing out of the shop!

Told F/OM more about the position in DC, and told him I had to make the decision today. He said my decision should be no. But then some shit happened with Charolette today, and that only confirmed that leaving here is the only way to survive … for all of us.

Here’s to an impending night of mass consumption of adult beverages!!!

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