From Jeff:

“Hi Dawn,

If you’re moving, take me with you, I HATE THIS CITY TOO!!! I don’t eat much,

and you know how good in bed I am, except for falling on the floor. lol.

anyway, got to go for now, i hope you find something soon, talk to you



Okay, faithful blog readers, I AM NOT going to explain the falling out of bed thing (although I had bruises for weeks!), but I just have to say . …


He keeps proving time and again how lucky I am to have DUMPED him!!!

At any rate, at the Family Resources dinner tonight, F/OM asked me if I am still looking to move. I said yes. He asked where I’ve been looking. I said, “Virginia!” He said yeah right and said I should consider Highland Park. I said I really think I should move to Virginia. He looked disgusted and said that if I move closer to work, I will have less of a commute. I said that if I move farther away from work, I can find a new job. 😉

I slay me!

Had another little zinger this evening. F/OM was asking me if I’ve been ragging on Brat about his leaving. I said that wasn’t easy, because with the loss of smoke breaks, it’s not like I have time to rag on Brat anyway, so it’s like he’s already gone to me. I know F/OM appreciated the dry humor. I said it sweetly, with that dripping sarcasm for which I’ve become famous. You know, I’d love to quit that job (and I can end this sentence right here!), and take F/OM out for some drinks … he is SO MUCH FUN when he wants to be! We had a great time this evening (you should’ve seen the look he shot me when Anita grabbed the seat next to his at the table — ha!). I was wondering if I should invite him to Brat’s going-away party . …

Should I leave or should I go? The question remains. I would stay for F/OM. I really would. But can I?

Brat told me that his new job is shipping him down to South Carolina for a week for training (at the Blackbaud HQ, where we visited in October). Do you think he’d notice if I snuck into his suitcase? Will he have as much fun there without me? (probably more so!) I wish I could go … our trip to Charleston was pretty cool. I really hope we will stay friends after he leaves the shithole … I’ve come to depend on his smartass wit to get me through the day. 🙂

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