1. Recovered Metaphoria and Maddie’s page. Lost Maddie’s photo, though. Also edited Transience to include updated links, but I think I messed up and lost the link to Maddie’s page. 🙁

2. Brat announced his resignation when I was off on Friday; he told me today that his last day is May 10. (Sorry Charolette! I told him you weren’t gonna be happy about that!) We’re all gonna miss him!

2. b. In honor of Brat’s resignation, he and CTL and I took an emergency smoke break at 11 a.m. today! And at 1 p.m.! Maybe we’ll go back to the old schedule!

3. Am stressed to DEATH over federal proposals!!!!

4. Incoherent Twit emailed our training department to ask to develop and teach a public speaking course. (ROFLMFAO!!!) Public speaking? Her? HAH!!! She copied me; I promptly forwarded it to Leslie and Chris. (and Blogged about it here!)

5. Got invited to a formal dinner that is taking place tomorrow evening … some pre-planning would have been nice (like, to get a DRESS!!!). But I hear there’s free booze! Woo HOO!!!

6. Happy hour on Friday!!! And the next Friday after that!!!!!

7. Another dental appointment this morning … my mouth hurts! And I need my wisdom teeth out ASAP … all four of them!

8. Might have managed to let go of YKW a little bit over the weekend. Am looking forward to whatever happens in life, and if he’s in it, all the better, but if not, “I Will Survive” (go, Gloria Gaynor, go!).


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