Wishin’ and hopin’

Well, my state (Old Dominion) has failed me. Still hoping for the homeland (Pennsylvania) to pull through. Although, as one of my friends noted, Pa. has two cities (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) and the state of Alabama in-between. *sigh*

I was listening to 106.7 FM on the way home tonight. Some chick with ten million kids called in and said she’s moving to Canada if Kerry wins, because she thinks he looks like Frankenstein and she thinks George Bush is morally superior. I say anybody who is against abortion and lets moonbats like her procreate incessantly needs to be drowned in the Potomac River. Just sayin’. 🙂

I’ve said little about my political stances because, well, it was a decision I came to on my own and didn’t feel like debating. But among the reasons for supporting Kerry was the fact that A) Theresa Heinz Kerry (and her late husband John) are/were very good to the Pittsburgh community, and B) I used to work at Heinz. LOL. Those were not the sole or even the biggest reasons for my vote, but I used to work in the philanthropy field — five years in Pittsburgh, actually. I applied for and received many Heinz dollars for charitable programs I had developed and/or for which I was merely seeking funds. I met their foundation officers and really respected them. I liked how they really tried to make the community a better place and built bona-fide relationships with the organizations they supported.

In any event, I’ve digressed a bit. But I’m really, truly trying to be hopeful for Kerry to be our next president. I don’t want to imagine what will happen if yet another presidential “selection” occurs — I suspect there will be mutiny!

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