What’s in a name

In college, our professors used to be entertained by us because we had a penchant for naming files (graded design assignments!) as anything but what they really were. I recently opened up some old disks (I can’t open the files, though — old PageMaker documents!), and I was treated to such filenames as “Ginny is a Virgin,” “Nancy is a Lesbian,” “I’m a Little Pisspot,” “Idiot Savantes on Ice,” “Heart-on,” “Dave Wears Diapers,” “Coochie” and “Penii.”

Amanita saw a big, bad faux pas at the CNN website and caught a screenshot of it before it was ripped down. I’ve had my share of in-print mistakes (*cough cough “Shithead” cough cough*), and this made me sigh fondly (as well as, of course, in dearest appreciation of the CNN staffer who is probably unemployed right now!).

Link via the beautiful Swirl.

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  1. Anonymous :

    LOL! A friend of mine send me a screen shot of that the day after the elections. Perfect file name I say.

What’s in a name

Now that I’ve gone and told everyone where to find me, I start thinking about moving this blog to a subfolder of this site. 🙂 Don’t move your bookmarks just yet, though. I’m still trying to sort it out.

In good news, I got my business cards today for my freelancing business. Hooray! They’re so pretty. Glossy, shiny, new and MINE. Mine, all mine. My business. My future. My PRESENT. I was like the dorky guy on the commericals who gets his new business cards and furtively sniffs the freshly printed paper, reveling in the scent of the fresh ink where his name is now printed.

I kind of did that at the post office today. I was mailing a letter off to my good buddy Isabel, and she got the first business card of the bunch. 🙂 I almost wept when I saw my perfect little cards. I didn’t order a ton of them, just enough to get by for the next couple of months. Hopefully, I will have a grand identity and logo to launch when the time comes to re-order.

Anyway, I got to thinking about blog names. Of course, I would want something related to journalism, because that’s the highly esteemed educational degree I hold. But it’s funny about journalistic terms — they’re macabre, to say the least. We “kill” stories we don’t want or need and offer “kill fees” to authors for their trouble. We write “heads” and “cutlines.” “Deadline” was a prison term back in the days of stockades. Your lead paragraph of a story is the “nut graf” (not so much morbid but appropriate — it’s usually a nut who’s writing it!). Our archives are “morgues.” We “bury” fluffy stories in the back of an edition. Etcetera. People call us renegades, muckrakers, watchdogs. The general public talks about “violence in the media,” not understanding that the violence is in the WORLD and we’re just responsible for telling them about it.

Thus, you see the conundrum in coming up with an intriguing blog name when this is the material with which I have to work!

Suggestion box (er, the comment box) is below — what would you name this joint?

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