‘Stranger’ things

Because the words “strange” and “stranger” seem to be recurrent themes in my life today, I present them to you as such.

The kindness of strangers
Strangers who become great friends, that is!

I received a a thoughtful package that included the book that I need to keep me from giving up on writing my novel.

Maddie decided to read it while I was out this morning. What a talented pussy. 🙂

Thanks for picking me up when my confidence had gone splat! Can’t wait to read your your novel!

Just plain strange
Signs I’m losing my mind: Forgot to wear a bra today when I went out this morning. Didn’t realize it till I got home and took off my coat and was like, whoa, it was chilly today, wasn’t it? 😉

From the “who’da thought it — I’m normal!” files: I had to do a psychological evaluation today for an assignment I don’t think I’ll be taking. The therapist said I am at risk for an anxiety disorder. Gee, ya THINK?!?! LOL. In any event, I am otherwise healthy, normal and sane, albeit braless.

I said good, because white coats are just not that flattering on me (braless or not), so he said he’d find one in pink. 😉 I think he was looking for depression in me, and that’s far from the case (ask anyone who’s talked to me lately — I’m poor but I’m happy!). My theory is that I would be suicidal, but that would mean having to clean the house for when my body is found, and well, life doesn’t suck that much to really want to do any kickass cleaning anytime soon! So I’m in for the long haul.

Stranger (of the Everyday kind)
Just wanted to thank Helen over at Everyday Stranger for a brilliant blog post wherein she has a moan (not that kind!) and writes letters to people, places and forces of nature.

Inspired, I submit the following:

Dear (my state):

I’m sorry that you don’t see fit to help me financially with money I paid to you in the first place that was to be reserved for helping people in times of need. Clearly, my own temporary hardships do not qualify to earn a small fraction of my money back until the wind fills my sails again. I realize that I am at an age where I should be shitting out babies and staying home; you begrudge me because I have only achieved the latter. My apologies for aspiring to the wrong goals in life.


Strangers and sayings
So I actually went to the gym the other day, and I ran into someone I haven’t seen in forever — my good friend from the West Coast used to chat with him way back in her single days. I called her to report, “I saw an old friend of yours. I think his name is Beltway, right? Because that is the stretch of the road I remember you wanting to ride him up.”

(As if you couldn’t tell, our code for “oh, he’s hot” is “I’d like to ride that up the Beltway.) And that’s quite an expanse of Interstate!


Unless there are any objections, I’m going to go find a bra now. 🙂

On iTunes: Switchfoot, “I Dare You to Move”

6 Responses to ‘Stranger’ things

  1. Pratt :

    (Sing in that annoying Supertramp falsetto…)gooooooooooooooooooooodbye straaaaaaaaanger it’s been niiiiiiiice hope you find youuuuuuur paradiiiiiiiise….

  2. A.McSholty :

    My dear, occasionally it is a good thing to do a little free boobin’. Liberates the rascals, it does. They so like their air. Okay, CLEARLY, I’ve gone sideways! But that’s what you find charming in me, no?

  3. Anonymous :

    And our glorious government just set aside $80 million dollars to rebuild Fallujah (see Yahoo news) (I’m praying that some of those dollars get mysteriously redirected to your bank account!) Is there any wonder why you can’t catch a break from our government for some unemployment dollars?! Our government has abandoned the unemployed in exchange for domination of a desert craphole. Big business has cast aside American workers to line their pockets while supporting a Communist Chinese government/factory workers while poisoning their environment. Do you feel loved by our gov’t or by big business?–I sure do–ummm NOT!

    And if anyone thinks the government unemployment figures are accurate then you are fooling yourself. There are a lot of people out there who have run out of unemployment money, have abandoned hope of getting a job and are using their life savings, their house, their car and whatever else they own to get money to live (in essence they are going broke at a slower rate because they have worked longer and have more resources to sell). I truly believe that if there were a box to check on next years tax returns for you “A: Have Job” or “B: Don’t have job” that it would be enlightening enough to cause riots in the streets the likes of which we haven’t seen since Rodney Kings trial. I’d love to see John Kerry get something like that put into print on the 2004 tax returns. Hello, Mr. Kerry, are you reading this?

    Please know that you do not suffer alone in all of this. Hopefully there is some comfort to you in that. If I were filthy stinking rich my “charitable donations” would be to help the people like you and me who are the regular working joes/joesette’s out here. Just a little financial help could go a long way right now to keeping a roof over a families head, providing them with food, paying utility bills and keeping them afloat while they find work.

    Why is it that I’m starting to see Bush (aka Shrub) as “Locutus of Borg” (the nefarious Leader) and the 1/2 who voted for him as other “Borg” (followers) as the rest of us are being assimilated (having our finances hoovered away) while the rich get richer and the middle class/poor get poorer? Sorry for the nerdy/obscure Star Trek “Borg” reference but it made sense at the time. Sorry for the long comment too.

    Hang tough! You’ll figure out what to do!

    I’d like to know what you and other bloggers (especially from gen- x-ers) think of the “American Dream”–call it a Blog Topic. Is it still defined as: “Loving couple, a house, a car, 2.5 kids, a dog or cat and a white picket fence.” In essence does the “American Dream” still exist in todays society or is it redefined?


    John–Another member of the slowly sinking abandoned boat “Unemployed Mistress”. Where are the damn oars Dawn, where are the oars?!!

  4. Dawn :


    Your post gave me hope at a time when I was really seriously ready to go find a firearm. 🙂 It makes me So. Freaking. ANGRY. that we are funding this war and helping every single country but yet we cannot help out the people in our own country, state, city, etc. who have been productive, contributing members to society. It was MY tax dollars and YOURS and everybody’s here that were used against our wishes. I know we can’t designate where our money goes, but god motherfucking damn it, if we need a helping hand, then give me a better reason for saying NO other than that everybody can’t get help who asks for it!!!

    You know what? I want you to write guest posts. Particularly as I am pondering next month’s inevitable eviction, I am in no fucking mood to keep house around here anyway. Please e-mail me at goddessdawn AT gmail DOT com and let’s chat. And I do foresee the “American Dream” idea appearing tomorrow — I get good numbers of hits on Thursdays. 😉

    And I have a message to people who know who they are: Get off of my website. This is my space and I don’t want to have people knowin’ my business who don’t have my best interests at heart. I would appreciate it greatly.

  5. Anonymous :

    I emailed you. Look for a message from my email handle Mongo.


  6. Anonymous :

    i love it!!!
    “shitting out babies”

    i’ll have to use that