What he said

If only more people were this cognizant of what they have and what it’s like for those with so much less.

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  1. Anonymous :

    Thanks Dawn. I just wish I hadn’t been out feeling sorry for myself when I saw the things I did. It did help ME to put things in perspective. But now someone has to help THEM.

    When I win Powerball tonight I will take all the homeless guys to Vegas for the weekend! OK, maybe there is something more constructive I could do … but you gotta admit, these guys would like to get away from it all for a weekend too!


  2. Anonymous :

    Gut wrenching story! I’m all teary now. Kenn is a great writer. Why have we as a nation let certain members of our society get to this level? We all should be ashamed for providing help to other nations when there are so many people here at home who need it badly. When are we going to take care of our own “American” family?


    P.S. what is Pittsburgh like? Did the steel business all but dropping out of existence push the city into a depressed state?

  3. Dawn :

    I just love having all these sensitive, brilliant friends reading the blog. I feel blessed in that regard!

    Pittsburgh is exactly like Kenn described it. No life in downtown but for those without homes. I can’t forget some of the people Kenn mentioned, and I’ve been gone for YEARS. Whatever happened to the guy who only had one arm and one leg? I think he was a Vietnam vet. He was very nice to everyone. I saw him when I was a student and broke (now I just have student loans and am broke!). I was always amazed at the spirit he seemed to exude. Once in awhile, I would see him in the Pizza Hut or McDonald’s, eating hungrily and very happily. He also hung out in Oakland (by Arby’s and near The O). I know they think nobody notices them, but we remember. We always will.

  4. Anonymous :

    Thanks you guys! John, thank you for the kind words.

    Yes, it isn’t just the steel industry. Mostly it is the city management. All run by people who got their jobs from a friend or family member and have no idea of how to do it. The ones that DO, they’re the ones taking the money. The city is just poorly managed with corruption and nepotism. It is also a rich get richer, everyone else gets poorer kind of town these days.

    It is very sad because in the steel days this town worked for a living. Uh oh … I feel another post coming on!

    I know I moved back here from Denver three years ago last month. I moved back when my dad died because I didn’t want my mom to be alone. Hell, now she’s taking more care of me than I am of her! Most days I truly wish I hadn’t ever come back.

    Maybe someday we’ll get a Buford T. Pusser in town and he’ll knock everyone straight. but until then? In the toilet it goes.

    And the guy you mentioned Dawn? Yeah, I remember him too. I don’t see him anymore. Hell, I don’t even see the sombrero guy in Oakland any more.

    Still, I wish I could do something. Not the $10 something. But like bringthem all to my place and clean them up something. Urgh. Pain.

  5. Anonymous :

    You’re welcome Kenn. When I was in college sometimes I’d give the homeless guys sitting outside the church some change on the way to the subway to go home for the weekend. You could tell they really appreciated it too. It’s so sad that we have so many people who are in such desparate need. I saw a 55 year old Vietnam vet on a story the other day who just wanted to be off the street. He said he was so tired but there was nothing that the department of veteran affairs could do for him. It seems that there are just so many veterans out there who cannot hold a job and become homeless. That is sad too because we all owe these people our gratitude even if we don’t agree with the wars we are fighting. More needs to be done for them and for the other homeless people who have just lost their way.

    That is so sad about Pittsburgh! Big steel biz needs to come back to the states!! The nepotism and favoritism do nothing but make the city into a big sheep for the parasites to feast upon. The rich get richer situation does nothing to foster downtown renewal projects that could benefit the entire community. Such projects can also be done in a way to foster a city paid for “homeless” shelter as well. Urban renewal could be a good thing if there weren’t so many people out to make a quick “buck”.

    I for one would love to hear a story about the “steel days”. I bet that would be an interesting read.

    You’re a good son for doing what you did for your mom. That’s quite a sacrifice for a son to make. But, damn, Denver?! I’ve never been there before but I can imagine what it looks like. If I ever made it out there I doubt I’d ever come back to Georgia. You could always move back out there and take your mom with you.

    It takes a true city leader to “turn around” the years of neglect and knock out the “good ol’ boy” networks that exist. But I’ve never heard of a big city that doesn’t have people on “the take”. It seems honest folks and politics don’t mix sometimes.

    We all wish we could do a little something for the homeless. I’d like to see them fed, washed, clothed and put into subsidized housing. Sure we can’t help all of them because some of them have mental health issues and some don’t want help. But, helping a few would be better than helping none. Many of them could be rehabilitated to the point that they could get jobs again. Wouldn’t that be nice.