Traffic and weather, together! Commuter edition

Update: The WaPo says “Traffic Planners Predict Dismal Commutes Ahead”. Yee haw.

Traffic: SUCKS

Weather: SUCKS

Three hours in the car today. Jimminy Christmas. But all in exchange for a superb day, so I suppose it’s a fair exchange. The weird thing was that I got carsick on the ride home — who gets carsick when they’re the driver? Although, arguably, I was practically parked because assholitry seems to only occur during rush hour. Whee. Yay breathing exhaust for an hour!

And like frosting on the shit souffle cake, a triple threat of snow is being predicted for the nation’s capital. Because the “Feels Like” temperature being in the negative numbers this morning just wasn’t enough to chap the life out of my lips. *weeping softly* And, wearing skirts and pantyhose in this kind of weather is NOT fun. But, through the teeth chattering, I almost look like I’m smiling about it all. 😉

Fox 5 just reported that “Dry, fluffy snow will blow a bit.”

Actually, it blows more than a bit, thanks. 🙂 It blows a whole fucking lot.

Dear Mother Nature:

I hope your rag ends soon. May I offer you some chocolate to appease you?


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6 Responses to Traffic and weather, together! Commuter edition

  1. BillSaysThis :

    “I’m dreaming of a white re-inauguration
    So I can see George W. Bush slip
    I’m dreaming of a white re-inauguration
    Just because he might get frostbit…”

  2. Dawn :

    *snerk* I saw a D.C. news headline that “Trash pickups to occur Thursday” and realized that, yes, we are forced to pick up the trash from the past four years and FOR another four. Whee.

  3. apollonaire :

    girl, i think mother nature needs some ben and jerry’s, too.
    she has been really upset with texas lately…i suppose in retaliation for bush….even though he isn’t really from here.

  4. A.McSholty :

    Good googily moogily it is freakin’ cold. And how fucking fun was it that the powers that be decided THIS would be the week to change the ramp from 95 north to the Beltway?

    I just can’t wait for the commute home tonight in the snow that blows. Whee.

  5. Pratt :


  6. Anonymous :

    Yeah, Ma Nature has been sticking it to the NW with ice and rain. Lotsa flooding around here.

    And today, we woke to thick, gnarly FOG! Yay.

    I just LOVE winter, don’t you?