Point taken


I have it on pretty good authority that yesterday, the D.C. streets were a sheet of ice. (I could probably start a great contest to see who among us had the longest commute home last night!) In any event, I was asking someone why the streets couldn’t be salted — after all, the entire country is run from this little corner of the world. She pointed out that when the city has to cough up money for stupid things like an inauguration, where praytell are we going to find money for salt?

As an aside: speaking of stuck without a paddle, Jib Jab made us a nice inauguration cartoon.


Via Kukini, some fantastic Letters to Bush. And no, they’re not overtly political in nature. Rather enjoyable read, I say. 🙂

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4 Responses to Point taken

  1. Anonymous :

    Actually the Republicans are saving the salt to pour in the fresh wounds of the Democrats (like me) who are still smarting from having our candidate lose the election. But they could at least use some sand on the roads for heavens sake. What a miserable commute with no help from the local Dept of Transportation to help you guys/gals out. Is is just me or does Bush in a bowtie look like a circus showmaster? Give him a top hat and a few elephants…well you get the picture. Inauguration – Three Ring Circus hmmm there is a parallel there I think!!


  2. Mirella :

    My favorite is when they throw sand on the roads. I know it’s supposed to help with traction, but guess what helps with traction AND has the added benefit of actually melting the snow? Yeah, SALT. Sand pretty much just mixes with the snow and makes brownish, slightly grittier snow. Grrrr.

  3. Anonymous :

    Is there anything you won’t try to blame on President Bush? Maybe you noticed that the roads were clogged with cars when it started snowing, meaning the sand trucks were stuck in traffic with everyone else. Come to think of it, on WTOP radio they asked people *not* to try to leave early because of the snow, to give the trucks a chance to deal with the roads. But hey, what’s a little reality when you can spout off with irrational hate, eh?


  4. Dawn :

    Sand is just plain stupid to use on the roads. Salt dissolves. Sand sticks. Bleah. Yay decision-makers.

    As far as people leaving early in hordes, I had a two-hour commute ending in me getting home ’round 9 p.m. *big sigh* It’s a good thing I like where I’m spending my days or my head might have exploded.