The Not-Quite-Friday Five

Friday Five. Shut up, I know it’s Sunday. 😉

  • What do you wear to bed?
    Usually shorts and a tank top or a T-shirt. Tonight it’s black-and-white shorts and a black T-shirt with “The Lube” embroidered in tiny white letters. And no, I’m not advertising the side business that I have officially been kicked out of due to inactivity (hah — irony!) — it’s from this place.
  • What side of the bed do you sleep on?
    Right. Although lately I’ve been parking my ass in the center. Might as well enjoy the whole bed!
  • Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
    I have two stuffed cats, although they’re real. Maddie always parks her ass near my head (ugh) and Kadi jumps up on the dresser, coat rack, windowsill, etc. and belly-flops onto me, howling all the way. A good night’s sleep? Not in my house. Never.
  • Blanket/bed hog?
    Need blankets. Gotta be completely covered. I get irritated if I somehow kick a toe out during the night. And I’m an infuriatingly light sleeper, too, so I notice these things. And I need about four dozen pillows, too.
  • Do you make your bed everyday?
    Really, I am just using a sheet right now, so it’s not that hard to straighten up and make the little haven look presentable. I like getting into a tidy bed at the end of the night.

    On iTunes: Zero 7, “Home”

  • One Lonely Response to The Not-Quite-Friday Five

    1. Avatar :

      Heh. You’re a lot like me in those respects. Except for the bedmaking and the 2 cats. I only have one, and she doesn’t do hilarious poop-related things. 🙂