Drunken blogging!

And who doesn’t love a drunken Dawn?

This is moment No. 3,648 (this week) that I’ve wished to be private-blogging again. Because there was a date tonight and I want to dish.

Let me put it this way — it’s less a dish than wanting to hurl the fucking plate off the top of the Grand Canyon.

Oh, fuck it — I’ve been out drinking for hours. All bets are off tonight!

Apparently “8 p.m.” and “date” mean different things to different people. And if this just means that I’m another step closer to meeting Mr. Right, well then, let’s keep rocking.

Seriously, nice guy, but I am apparently a horrible judge of age. This made the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes mindfuck seem like a couple of weeks’ age difference.

Dear God, for the love of — well, you — help a girl out here next time, mmmkay?

Earlier tonight, I had written on a scrap of paper tonight that, “If he’s a good guy, please let me like him.”

That was before I took my own happy ass out on a date with ME instead of wasting my night.

Fast-forward to the bar, where I went to ALONE. I’d left the scene and decided I was way too cute to sit home tonight (or to wait for the follow-up call that came).

Seriously, no night wearing scandalous underwear is a waste of a night, and thus, I wasn’t about to take them home when they just weren’t yet ready to retire. Damn it, SOMEBODY was gonna take me out, even if it had to be ME!!!!!

So I ended up at Bennigan’s — where, as those of you who have been with me since Caterwauling know, Shan and I LIVED when she was still on the East Coast. So I needed comfort, familiarity, friendliness tonight, and I knew where to find it.

I was not disappointed. Slainte, people.

So, OK, met this HOT guy named Tony. No numbers exchanged, but lots of hugs. I still smell like his cologne, whatever it was. And he bought me some Hennessy — amazing how good a “non-date” can be to a lonely gal. 🙂 At least he had balls enough to approach — most other guys were losing their eyeballs in my cleavage, but nobody else was brave enough to say hello.

Actually, in great news, I made a friend tonight — Michelle. She asked if the seat next to me were taken, and we proceeded to talk for hours. And it didn’t feel the slightest bit strange, exchanging intensely personal life stories and dreams like it were nothing. Again, that’s why I love Benny’s — it’s that place where everybody DOES know your name … and the drinks keep flowing. And she’s a regular, like I used to be. I foresee lots of drunken nights ahead — w00t!

Oh, and OF COURSE I had to include Shan in the imbibing — we were text-messaging across the miles. If only she were here in person, it woulda been perfect.

Anyway, I know that I am going to have the hangover from HELL in the morning, but I am one buzzy bee right now. *grin*

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One Lonely Response to Drunken blogging!

  1. Pratt :

    damn no drunken text messages from you*sigh*..um can i have my eyeballs back?