The ABCs of the Goddess

Swiped from the lovely Bayou and Lachlan.

Accent: Pittsburgh. And you may say either (eee-ther), but I say (eye-ther), but I don’t know if that’s an accent or just plain nonconformity. 🙂
Bra size: 38C
Chore I hate: Litterbox patrol. Especially when the fur-children like to shit on the carpet more than in the box.
Dad’s name: Loser piece of shit. Tom Burke of Pittsburgh (Brentwood), you missed out on a fabulous kid. I daresay I didn’t miss out on anything.
Essential make-up: Concealer, powder, eyeliner (black on bottom — pewter on top), blush (if I remember), eyeshadow (about six colors blended together) and jet black mascara.
Favorite perfume: Yohji Yamamoto, Ralph Lauren Romance, Ysatis (by Yves St. Laurent), Casmir (by Chopard)
Gold or Silver: Silver
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Interesting fact: My name when I was born was NOT Dawn.
Job title: Goddess
Kids: Fur-kids Maddie and Kadi
Living arrangements: Lovely garden-style apartment with a balcony that I rarely use
Mom’s Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Number of apples eaten in last week: Nada, although Mom had made a sweet potato casserole with pecans and pineapples for Easter. Does that count?
Overnight hospital stays: September 2003 — four miserable nights. Damn appendix and incompetent assholes.
Phobia: Failure. Seriously, I need counseling over this one. 🙂
Question you ask yourself a lot: What the hell did you say THAT for?!?!
Religious affiliation: Former atheist. Maybe still agnostic. Definitely believe in one “main” God but otherwise gravitate toward earth-based spirituality. I also own a spellbook.
Siblings: None. Best friend Shan is, in spirit
Time I wake up: Alarm at 5 a.m. Awaken at MAYBE 5:22 a.m. on a good day, although today it was 6:22 a.m. and I FLEW to get ready. Don’t ask me about tomorrow — I might not even bother going to sleep in the first place. Oh, I guess it bears mention that Kadi likes to climb on the dresser and belly-flop onto the bed, claws first, around 3 a.m. A real fucking treat, I say.
Unnatural hair color: I went purple for awhile by accident. Used to be a brunette. Now when I dye my hair dark, though, it insists on going red. Weird.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Waxed beans.
Worst habit: Worrying instead of DOING. Stress snacking.
X-rays: Every body part has been X-rayed. Had a concussion a number of years back. That explains a lot. 🙂
Yummy food I make: Believe it or not, I am an excellent cook. I just don’t have the damn time to make anything other than a trip to the local pizzeria.
Zodiac sign: Gemini

On iTunes: Madonna f/Jellybean, “Sidewalk Talk”

One Lonely Response to The ABCs of the Goddess

  1. A.McSholty :

    Boobjabbers this time. You’ll not be terribly surprised to know, that in addition to having some sort of bizarre psychic connection, we also share a bra size.

    And I too, have a book of spells.