Dude, where’s my weekend?

After years of life moving too slowly, now it’s slipping away from me. Ask me what I accomplished off my to-do list this weekend. *taps foot* Not a goddamned thing, but thanks for asking!

But alas, after the insomnia and losing an hour of my life, I know I’m that much closer to “American Idol” on Tuesday. I will not ban it this year like I did for awhile last year (when Jennifer and Latoya got voted off yet Ghetto Fabulous with her blue sneakers and visible birth control patch won the competition — pity). But I am sad that Jessica Sierra got voted off on Wednesday.

Then again, I didn’t vote for her this week. Wasn’t a remarkable performance. But I don’t think it was her turn to go this quickly. But she brought an element of fun to the show that I will miss — right now, we’ve got the golden children mixed in with the underdogs (who ended up dominating Season Two, so I’ll be curious to see how this year works out), and she was just outright no-strings-attached, country-flavored fun. I’ll miss you, Jessica.

Angie and I were talking about Carrie (for whom I vote every week, along with my rocker boys). And Angie digs her too, but we both noticed that this was the first week that Carrie did not cry when someone got voted off. The cameras panned to her, and she looked stoic, clapping a bit, and she almost looked a wee bit smug. Can’t say that I blame her — her direct competition has left the building.

Angie and I were theorizing on why Mario Vasquez left the show of his own accord. She swears he got someone knocked up. Also from the “AI” gossip department, who knew Scott has a restraining order against him? I think he’s talented but I can see where he might have a temper. If what he said was true that his father never believed in him, I imagine that came with some abuse, and we all know the bullied can become the bullies. (See all the high school shootings during the past decade.)

In any event, the weekend is seeping away and I’m ready to go buy new clothes for the week because I haven’t gotten any laundry done. Seriously, where do people find the TIME to do things? I swear, I need to cut back on my sleep so that I can catch up with my life. Although, I did get a chance to get to the Apple store yesterday, and I was happy in that environment, although everybody was buying G5s and PowerBooks and I was oh-so-jealous. I need to start looking for a sugar daddy so I can keep up with the new technology! 😉

And speaking of Angie, I suppose I should go scrub my butt because I will be seeing her in a couple of hours. We have a shopping date — the second-best kind of date to have! 🙂

On iTunes: Queen Latifah, “Hello Stranger”

3 Responses to Dude, where’s my weekend?

  1. Suburban Island :

    I like the rockers too. My weekends lately seem to go so quick and I don’t get enough done. Frustrating but as you said – there is American Idol to look forward to. I also like Nanny 911.

  2. Mopsie :

    “Second-best kind of date to have” had me laughing. I know the feeling of turning around once and the weekend is GONE! *sigh* I got nuthin done this weekend either. :o(

  3. Anonymous :

    I’m definitely a Bo fan here. It’s too bad Jessica is gone because I actually like her better than Carrie. Carrie is just too pretty and perfect. I kinda like the roughness and attitude in each of Jessica’s performances. I will miss her on the show. groovebunny