To hijack a phrase from the lovely Amalah, who, in fact, has reasons to squee!

Anyway, after four days of fucking it up, I figured out the 8B exit off 395 this morning. Squee! Heh. Yesterday I ended up in Rosslyn. Today I actually ran out of other options and just HAD to go the right way.

I amused myself by raising my Dave & Buster’s travel coffee mug and clinking it in the rearview mirror. At which time I laughed and laughed at myself, so hard that I snarfed coffee out my nose and all over the steering wheel. Hah. Unbridled joy is a blessed thing, although perhaps as you are merging into traffic on the GW, it’s not appropriate to have emotional outbursts. I hope I remember the route again on Monday!

I left just before 8 a.m. and still got here at a reasonable time. Sure beats leaving the house by 7:14 a.m. and sitting in traffic. Admittedly, traffic was mildly stopped up, but it was the kind that could be rectified with a cup of coffee as opposed to the usual backup that requires a Fleet enema to flush out the unwanted cars.

In any event, I did find an outfit (mostly dressy) but opted for a white vinyl bracelet with gromets and black lace. A remnant of my blink-and-you’ve-missed-it goth phase, it at least livens me up a bit. Ugh. I’ve become a suit! I’m one of them! Gah! Heh. At least I didn’t succumb to the clutches of becoming a vegetable. 😉

On iTunes: Jimmy Eat World, “Serious”

One Lonely Response to Squee!

  1. Mirella :

    Cursed 8B off of cursed 395 is a BITCH. It took me seven tries to finally get on the freaking GW Parkway and NOT end up taking one bridge or another into Washington DC. One time I saw that I was about to cross the Memorial Bridge and I was like, ‘Oh HELL no’ and crossed about five lanes of traffic on the rotary thing and managed to get on the GW. The key is to bear right at the two splits, I think. Either way, I totally celebrated when I did it correctly too. No shame.