Meet my nephew Jordan, the newest little ladies’ man on the block:

Shan and I were talking today, and I had asked what he looked like (before I saw the pic). She said it was puzzling — he has blond hair and, well, it’s not like she or John are fair-haired (to say the least!). In fact, she said, “Dawn, he’s got YOUR coloring — everyone’s a bit curious about how THAT happened!”

In any event, they got to take him home last night, and big sis Alexandria got to see him in the hospital. (She’s staying with Shan’s parents for the time being.) Shan said Alex kissed him on the cheek and gave him Eskimo kisses and was pretty cool with him.

Heh. Just wait till she comes back home and sees him after she’d SWORN she’d left him at the hospital — if her 2-year-old mind could figure out a way to have Aunt Dawn come and rescue her, I’ll bet I’d be getting a call!

2 Responses to Squee!

  1. Sonderweg :

    hmmmm, blonde is a recessive gene trait.
    they both must have been Bb/Bb.
    Cute baby, though!!!!
    Congrats on the new nephew!

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