Reader poll Monday Thursday

Heh. I keep doin’ ’em whenever Erica gets around to doing hers. 😉

1. What is your typical weekday bedtime?
11:30 p.m.-ish.

2. What is your typical weekday rise and shine time?
Like Erica, I find “rising” and “shining” to be oxymoronic when used in the same sentence. Usually the kittehs get me up at some ungodly hour and I stay mostly awake till the alarm goes off around 6 a.m. Unless I’m fretting about something — then I shoot up around 4 a.m. I don’t “shine” till around noon. 🙂

3. In what position do you usually fall asleep?
Curled in a fetal position on my left side, clutching the pillow.

4. In what position do you usually wake up?
Face down — I don’t move around until Kadi gallops across my back or bellyflops from the dresser, claws first into whatever square inch of skin I manage to have exposed from my microfiber comforter cocoon. Then when I roll over, Maddie will curl up next to me and purr until Kadi rolls up to try to kick her ass.

5. What size bed do you have?

6. Headboard? Footboard?
I’m so ghetto. I have this great black wrought-iron bedframe that my friend Shan gave to me, but I never got the thing assembled. So I have the headboard leaning against the wall and the other parts, well, under the bed. Fucking genius, I am. 😉

7. Do you have any remedies for insomnia?
Buzzy toys.

8. Do you read in bed?
Nope. I am an insomniac, so I try to keep the bed for sleeping (and oh, how I WISH I were using it for other things right now! I swear I am in heat with the changing of the seasons!).

9. Do you watch TV in bed?
Not anymore — I have one crappy TV, and it’s in the living room.

10. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
Six, but they were interrupted by Bad Kitty.

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