Priceless, revisited

Ice scraper: $12
De-icer: $6 (?)
Crawling through one’s trunk to get inside a frozen car: Priceless

Take a moment to get the visual. I’ll be here when your hysterical laughter subsides.

Thanks to today’s shit rain/sleet/snow storm, my beloved Samantha’s doors were happily frozen shut when I went out to my car this evening. Typically, I can pull an ice scraper out of the trunk and use it for leverage, but neither door would open. So, I hauled ass into the trunk and through the backseat. Don’t ever say I lack ambition. 😉

A part of me wanted to go back inside and find a big, strong man to help me to yank one of the doors open. Another part of me didn’t want to be a “girl” and need help — I am nothing if not resourceful!

The funny part? My boss was parked almost directly behind me. I had horrible fears of being seen in the parking garage with my ass hanging out of the back of my car. Thank goodness he didn’t walk out at the same time I did, although I am sure he wouldn’t have let me make an ass (punny!) out of myself the way I did. 😉

Note to self: Buy some freaking de-icer. And return to wearing jeans for the drive, because while I do wear cute underwear, I don’t expect it to be seen!

On iTunes: Eagles, “One of These Nights”

2 Responses to Priceless, revisited

  1. A.McSholty :

    Oh MY God! It’s a repeat of the gas station incident! You poor thing. My lock froze overnight as well. I guess I’m making a trip to Lowe’s tonight to get some of that deicer myself.

  2. Dawn :

    LOL. That’s why I posted it — I knew you would appreciate my misery! We share us some embarrassing stories, don’t we? 😉

    I imagine a Jeep is a (slight) bit more dignified to break into. Imagine me lifting my fat ass into a tiny Pontiac Sunfire! Oh, the humanity!