*packing underwear to throw on stage*

Live (Aid) 8 in Philadelphia. July 2. Bon Jovi. Rob Thomas. Will Smith. 50 Cent. P Diddy. Sarah McLachlan (shut up, I will throw underwear at her, too).

Pratt, count me in! Although, you are responsible for unclamping me from humping Jon Bon Jovi’s leg. That is, if you can. 😉

On iTunes: Vanessa Daou, “The Long Tunnel of Wanting You”

4 Responses to *packing underwear to throw on stage*

  1. Helen :

    Rob Thomas and Sarah McLachlan?


    I’d never need to leave home again.

  2. Pratt :

    More acts will be mentioned soon…but as soon as heard that BJ um sorry Bon Jovi was playing You’d be there. It should be fun- only 1 million people are expected to show up.zoinks.

  3. Chris :

    I have a futon, a couch, a love seat, a fold out cot, and for a special female, a spot next to me on my queen size bed. I’ll start taking bids and reservations now..it includes breakfast and coffee, clean towels for showering, and my pleasant company :).

  4. Chris :

    Since I live in philly, and all