It’s not a popularity contest, Dawn

But is it wrong that I feel so damned special that five people are logged into my iTunes stream? 😉 It’s like experiencing the madness that happens in my office without ever actually having to witness it firsthand.

In any event, would any of you be interested in a Goddess Dawn commemorative CD? I make a special CD on every birthday of music that describes where I’m at in my life, and if there’s any interest in that kind of insanity chick music ephemera, I’m happy to share it. Drop an e-mail to goddessdawn AT gmail DOT com with an address, and I’ll be sure to get it in the mail before, like, Halloween. 😉

On iTunes: Lili Haydn, “Anything”

One Lonely Response to It’s not a popularity contest, Dawn

  1. Pratt :

    my birthday is in July- I would love a cd.