Onward ‘ho

Time to do the pilgrimage northbound. Not enough time with the family, I say, but way too much time on the road that should be spent with them.

In any event, I’m in a weird-ass mood. I burst into tears driving to work yesterday — and not like I did at my old job, because I hated going to that one — I really like my job now! I guess I was just too far inside my head. That, or it was my hormones. Or the evil combination that makes me cry at camera commercials. *sniffle*

Mom always used to cry while she drove — she was always in a rotten relationship or trying to get over someone. Me — totally the opposite. Never had/have the time for relationships. Maybe I was just always sick of seeing how hurt she always was and vowed to never do that to myself. I figure, if there’s a good one out there waiting for me, I’ll know it when I see it and won’t bring decades of baggage into it. I’m travelin’ light these days — the weight of the world is easing up on my tired shoulders and I’m back to riding the wind wherever I can.

In any event, I’m trying to pick appropriate driving music, don’t you always benefit from my time rooting around in my iTunes? Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

South Park, “Kyle’s Mom is a Bitch”

Zero 7, “Distractions”

Queen Latifah, “Do Your Thing”

Sheilla Nicholls, “Elevator”

Black Lab, “Time Ago”

Ivy, “Nothing But the Sky”

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