Nuke ‘n’ pave

Why is it that when you don’t much give a rat’s ass about someone or something, you end up being dazzlingly impressive? Yet, when you have something you really want to do well or someone you absolutely must impress, you get some kind of mental bug up your ass that keeps you from performing at a level that you are confident you can reach? I just don’t get it — I’m smart (sometimes too much so for my own good) but it’s like I just cannot cram any more information into the old noggin sometimes. However, I seem to have plenty of room for the neuroses that I’d be more than happy to part with! Has anyone figured out a way to nuke ‘n’ pave the psyche?

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2 Responses to Nuke ‘n’ pave

  1. A.McSholty :

    Probably too simplistic but…stop giving a damn about anything? Hee!

  2. apollonaire :

    You know, I asked myself that same question over and over again last semester with the die Kraut saga.

    And the truth is…..

    I have no freakin’ idea and it bugs the shit out of me!