New shoes

I feel pretty. 🙂 I have new shoes! And they were ON SALE!!!!

They’re open-toed, and it occurs to me that I really should have painted my toenails. Sheesh. I just wasn’t expecting it to be 65 degrees and sunny today! But, alas, it’s an “Idol” night, and that’s pedicure night. And of course it will be raining tomorrow and I shall retire my new strappy black heels until warmer weather wants to stay.

Unrelated, remember my Dream Journal? I wrote The. Best. I. Have. Ever. Written. In. My. Life. last night, and I can’t share it. Waah. You’ll just have to settle for this drivel until I get WordPress installed! 😉

On iTunes: BT, “Simply Being Loved”

3 Responses to New shoes

  1. A.McSholty :

    I want to know more about this WordPress stuff. If you have time drop me a line.

  2. coolchiq :

    You should publish a picture of your new shoes! It sounds like they’re really nice!

  3. Anonymous :

    Yes I want to see the new shoes too! 🙂 I love new shoes especially getting a really great pair on sale. I’ve been on the hunt for the past few days for new knee boots. So far no luck. groovebunny