ISO Yohji

I ran down to Nordstrom’s in Pentagon City today because I wanted to treat myself to some Yohji perfume (by Yohji Yamamoto). But Nordstrom’s quit carrying it. I am a fragrance addict, and this is at the top of my wish list (because I sniffed my beloved Ralph Lauren Romance on someone at work and I simply cannot have my signature scent be on someone else! Just kidding — I have 10 other scents that are “mine,” too.)

To my locals: Anybody know where can I buy it? I can’t seem to find it online, either.

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2 Responses to ISO Yohji

  1. michael :

    Amazon has it; just do a search for Yohji. It’s in their health & body section that says “beta”, but I’ve ordered without any problems. I think their new sections stay “beta” indefinitely…

  2. Dawn :

    I didn’t think to look there. Thanks for the tip!

    Unfortunately, they don’t have it either. They have his Essential line, and for the plain ol’ Yohji line, they only have the bath/shower gel and lotion. I’m lookin’ for just the perfume. That’s the problem I’ve been having with the online search — these retailers have everything but the eau de toilette.