Oh, god, does this mean I’m a joiner? *gasp*

Official NaNoWriMo 2004 Participant

And, of course, that means I will definitely be a participant in the National Drunken Writing Night on Nov. 6!

I won’t be choosing to link to my writings, BTW. There are a couple of “special” people out there that you can thank for that. 😉 But I do welcome any encouragement, because I rarely do manage to finish anything I start!

In any event, I wrote novels as a kid, my first being at age 14. Complete and total trash and smut and stories about me wanting to grow up and be a rock star or a groupie or something. But I did plan a “grown-up” book series that I’ve just never gotten around to writing. I hope this is the start of something beautiful!

On iTunes: Taylor Dayne, “Naked Without You (Thunderpuss Mix)”

4 Responses to NaNoWriMo!!!

  1. Pratt :

    I started mine with Once Upon a Time..oh well 49,996 words to go!

  2. Dawn :

    I think I know what I’m writing about for this one, and I totally have the idea for next year, too. I just wish I had enough time to write them both! I will say, though, that it’s time to put “Who Moved My Cheese” out of its misery. … lol. But that’s next year’s project.

    Anybody else up for drunken chat support groups?!?!?

  3. Dave Tepper :

    Drunken writing? You and I should make a night of it. I’ll bring the beer.

  4. Dawn :

    Sounds like a plan!