Another bumper story

I’d made a post to another blog on Sept. 14 about a highway encounter regarding my John Kerry bumper sticker (see the end of this entry for a re-post). I had another fun encounter today.

I was on the Beltway, merging into the left lane (damn left-hand exits!). Just as I was about to get over, a guy in a black convertible zipped by me, pointed at my Kerry bumper sticker and gave me an enthusiastic thumbs-up. I grinned and gave him the thumbs-up as well — I merged behind him and saw his Kerry gear, too! Yay, a fellow genius!!! 😉

Anyway, it made me feel good. And it reminded me of another feel-good story with, surprisingly, a non-Kerry supporter. And the story below sure beats the countless stories I can tell you of Shrub supporters pointing at my sticker, honking and giving me the finger! (Yes, you, in Breezewood, Pa., I saw that!!!).

Bumper story
Originally posted Sept. 14, 2004

I was driving to Annandale this morning to get my car fixed (brakes, tires, etc.), which I have been putting off for months. Finally, with travel looming, I decided today was the day.

Anyway, as I was driving along Little River Turnpike, a gentleman pulled up beside me a la the Grey Poupon commericals. He put down his window and said, “There’s something wrong with your car, honey.”

I looked at him quizically — what the hell else could be wrong with this two-year-old car?

“Someone went and put a Kerry bumper sticker on it!”

I laughed. “Imagine that!”

“Just thought you’d want to know about that — I didn’t think you’d actually want that on your car.”

We laughed and he speeded up as I made a right turn into the automotive place. He probably is a senator or representative or something like that, knowing this area of town. But I thoroughly enjoyed the moment, even if he is going to go and vote for Dubya and cancel out my vote! 😉

2 Responses to Another bumper story

  1. Anonymous :

    1. Come telemarket for Kerry with me tomorrow! Seriously.

    2. Don’t trust anything you see in Breezewood. That place is ridiculous.


  2. Anonymous :

    Go W 😛 Ah haha