Meat and cheese

I was talking to Angie the other morning, and we were chatting about her uber-fabulous ’80s birthday party that’s coming up on Saturday.


Anyway, I make kickass cheese plates, and she was wondering what one particular meat was that I use (Sweet Lebanon). And I recalled a story that I probably shouldn’t have shared, but I own up to it when I do stupid stuff, so I’ll tell you, too.

After one of my parties, another friend wanted to know what this fabulous meat was. (I think there’s crack in it. Seriously.) So I took him to the one grocery store in the area where I can find it, and we each bought a quarter-pound. Well, this stuff really stinks (especially in the D.C. area’s legendary humidity), so we decided to eat our lunchmeat.

Unremarkable, right? Well, picture this: I was driving us to Krispy Kreme at the time. So, we snarfed up lunchmeat and THEN grabbed a half-dozen donuts.

Angie found it wildly funny. So I am telling it. But what’s really funny are the photos of me from the ’80s that she wants me to submit for a Wall of Shame at her party.

Here are two — and I shudder to admit that I miss my ’80s hair. And, for that matter, having Jon Bon Jovi plastered on my bedroom walls. …


On iTunes: Iio, “Runaway”

4 Responses to Meat and cheese

  1. Pratt :

    Step one-*puts on full body armor and crash helmet*

    step two- approach Dawn

    Step three – 80’s pic- Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Step Four- run like hell.

  2. Anonymous :

    Wow, look at that! Brings back disturbing memories of Kip Winger in a g-string….

  3. Dawn :

    Dude, anonymous — who are you? ‘Cause I so totally have that photo of Kip in a red g-string!!!

  4. Anonymous :

    Well, I will give you a little hint… I am an old freind from the land of 3 rivers, fries on your sammiches, Stillers (who are gonna win the Freaking super bowl this year), gynt egle, DahnTahn….Got a clue yet? how about I know you better than that little cotten patch in your gutchies….LOL. Remember keep the adhesive side down in the morning!!