Me me me me ME. Oh, and tunage too.

Reader Poll Monday:

1. If you had to live in one season all year round, which would it be?

2. Did you ever walk in on your parents making whoopie?
Yes. Also, when I went off to college, Mom and her then-boyfriend broke my childhood bed during the deed. Luckily I was 19 and had moved on out by then.

3. Has anyone ever walked in on you?
I’ve left doors open when I’ve had roommates. (My apologies to all of you who still read this page! LOL). I’ve had windows and doors open and nosy neighbors o’plenty. Damn it, I’m too caught up in the moment to care who’s observing!!!

4. Name a song that suits your mood today.
“Maybe it’s Me” — Smith and Mighty

5. Have you ever been audited by the IRS?
*ducks* Not yet. 🙂

6. Is there something you do regularly for the sole purpose of annoying someone else?
Hell yeah — how do you think I can hold all my emotions inside without igniting a fireworks display? Girl’s gotta get her kicks somewhere.

Oh, you were looking for me to admit WHAT I do? Heh. Being annoying and having people puzzling over whether I’m doing it on purpose is half the FUN!!!

7. If we were playing charades, how would you act out self-indulgence?
Is molesting guests included in the rulebook?

8. Do you keep mementos from past relationships?
No. I don’t burn them in a ritual, but I hang onto what I want for as long as I think I still want it around. I don’t like to throw away pretty things for the sake of getting rid of them, but if I keep them around sufficiently long enough and I decide the items no longer fit my style (long after the gifter no longer fits my style), then I gleefully purge.

9. If forced to choose, would you rather fart every 20 seconds or hiccup every 20 seconds for the next month?
Hiccup. Because I do a lot of that anyway — my cats do the former and I can’t stand their funky butts!

10. Ask me something. 🙂
What’s a girl to do to keep from going crazy over summer skin? I have control over more oil than OPEC in this fricking humidity!

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