Living opposite a 9-to-5 world

I hate the new apartment management here. Let’s not talk about how they trashed my bathroom and left me to figure out how to fix what they broke while they were fixing something else. Let’s not think about how they’re turning off the water and a/c tomorrow at 7 a.m. when some of us WORK FROM HOME in the morning and will have to get up EVEN EARLIER to shower.

Let’s instead talk about common fucking courtesy.

Rent’s due by the fifth. I of course spend every waking moment in Maryland and completely forgot to pay rent on time. So I slid a check under the rental office door on Friday night (as those fuckers get to leave at five and my happy ass was NOT home at that time). That would be Aug. 5, mind you.

One of their lackeys actually left the check under my door today with a nasty note that they will NOT accept personal checks after the fifth and oh by the way calculate a 5 percent late fee and add it. HATE. They had it ALL WEEKEND and they leave it for me when I’m at work? HATE. DIE. ROT.

Guess what — somebody was about to bounce her account this pay period anyway (don’t cha hate it when there’s more month than money?). They’ll get their fucking money when I goddamned well feel like it because it’s not like I’m ever around when the BANK is open.

Not like the prior management was a joy. When I was freelancing and praying for checks to arrive (asking for them to arrive ON TIME was asking FAR too much), the company actually gave me an eviction notice even though I told them they’d have their rent AND the late fee on the 9th of the month instead of the 5th. HATE. Although they did let me slide by when the 6th was a SATURDAY. Sheesh.

And Comcast? Fucking STOP trying to telemarket to me on my CELL PHONE during PEAK hours! In fact, stop calling me. You want to get my attention? Leave me a video message. Until you figure out how, sit and spin. Love, Dawn.

No wonder my right eye will not stop twitching. But try finding a doctor who will do an agonizingly long new-patient visit on a Saturday. Ugh. …

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2 Responses to Living opposite a 9-to-5 world

  1. A.McSholty :

    On the eye thing I might be able to help. Send me an e-mail and let me know what’s going on. There’s an optician in my family you know…what has connections to get you help and all.

  2. Dave Tepper :

    A., send that optician along to me too. My left eyelid is twitching in time with Dawn’s right.