She’s this many today: 2

My beloved fairy princess niece turns 2 years old today. *sniffle*

Two years ago today, we weren’t sure she was going to be able to make it through labor, through the night, through the week, through the month, through the year. She was so little, so early, so delicate. But she fought harder to live, grow, flourish, shine than any of us could have ever hoped. And today, she’s a happy and healthy toddler with a new little brother whom she adores and calls “Baby J.”

Miss you, baby girl. Hope to see you around Christmas! Hope Mom and Dad forgive me for the singing Elmo doll, and there’s another box coming with a gift from my mom that’s a teddy bear that’s as big as you and dressed in a ballerina outfit with fairy wings. The funny thing? Mom never even saw these photos!

On iTunes: Martina McBride, “Concrete Angel”

One Lonely Response to She’s this many today: 2

  1. Erica :

    So KYOOT! *pinch her cheeks*