I had the utmost joy of having to go to some ratbag clinic and give a “specimen” today. I swear, these lab workers go out of their way to make you feel like a criminal or, at least, supremely uncomfortable.

Knowing I would have to, um, *produce* on the spot, I drank a lot of coffee during my drive there. And I got lost (why god WHY don’t you people have street signs? Do I always have to rely on intuition and/or psychic ability?), truly intensifying the need to give the specimen as quickly as possible. Sheesh. 🙂 I will spare details, but I believe my eyes were the shade of a Post-It Note by the time I had to wait AN HOUR once I signed in.

The last time I had to do one of these tests, I got a result I did not like one bit. But alas, I’ve not had any activity that would result in *that* kind of positive. Today’s adventure was a tox screen, and given that the only “pot” I’ve seen in a long time was full of Godiva vanilla hazlenut this morning. 😉

Well, I have an appointment in three minutes, so hooray for timing working out fairly well today — and this despite sitting on 395 because two of the lanes were closed. Ah, the joy never ends begins! 🙂

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3 Responses to Jaundice

  1. Anonymous :

    I hate doing that stuff, too. At least it’s over with!!!
    Onward and upward, right? 🙂


  2. Kukini :

    sheesh…did you have to do this for a job? Boy…I am glad they don’t make me pee to get a job!

  3. Dawn :

    I was nervous about it, and it’s not even like I’m the crack whore they treated me like I was. The bathroom connected every office, so I was briefly pee-shy. However, I’d consumed enough coffee to fill a Big Gulp or a trough, for that matter. I just hated how you are not allowed to flush, wash your hands or know where your purse is being kept until you’re allowed to run free. Thank god I keep antibacterial lotion (Moonlit Path, from Bath and Body Works) in the car!!!