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The stress puppy rides again. 🙂

I wanted to audioblog from the road (read: TWO-HOUR COMMUTE) yesterday morning, but thank your lucky stars that the damned thing hasn’t been working.

Commutes suck worst on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for me. Seriously, those are the days when your colleagues want to call you and ask if you are aware that it is, in fact, a workday.

Actually, I’ve got to give a hand to Dream Job and many other Washington-area employers — they are wonderfully understanding that it’s not that we want to be living in traffic, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes.

My beef yesterday was with truck drivers and cops. I mean, these truck drivers are the kids in high school you remember who couldn’t find their asses with both hands, yet they are supposed to be keeping these huge semis in their respective lanes. Ugh. I cannot tell you how many times they have drifted over, forcing me in my tiny Matchbox car to swerve and almost kill the person next to me. Good times.

In an even more auspicious start to a normal day, I almost got pulled over yesterday. I get really angry when the cops have pulled someone over and are busy doing their ceremony and Everybody. Slows. Down. Seriously, is the cop going to abandon the poor sap they are harassing and decide to go after you? Heh. Ludicrous!

Well, here’s the deal. They might not abandon said person, but if they’re just about done, they will come after your ass.

Case in point:

I saw someone pulled over on the other side of the GW which, as you know, has a grassy medial strip that we cannot cross. That doesn’t mean the cops can’t. I figured, fuck it, I had been sitting for an hour and a half — this was my chance to go 70 and possibly make it to work, oh, while it was still Tuesday.

That damn cop did a big fat U-Turn and caught up with me. Stayed two cars behind me for the remainder of my time on that road. Son of a bitch. I figured I deserved a ticket and wasn’t too nervous, although I’d much rather pay the phone bill than a federal moving violation fine.

I didn’t get nailed. *whew* But I wanted to pitch a bitch (surprise) about pulling people over during rush hour. We all sit. And sit. And sit some more. I was ready to fling my CD like a frisbee into the Potomac, I was so fucking sick of it by the time I reached my destination. So of course we’re going to take advantage of the time when traffic breaks to haul ass. Particularly with the GW, I’ve experienced additional traffic jams when a cop pulls someone over in the right-hand lane of a two-lane road. Yeah, the treat that is this little bottleneck is beyond compare.

So today, I will remember to have breakfast and to bring coffee. But I’m still hoping for a Prozac dispenser to come standard alongside satellite radio services on the next model year of my car. 🙂

On iTunes: Jewel, “Grey Matter”

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