Hello Shitty

I had the utmost pleasure of going to Petsmart and being buried in an avalanche of litter boxes. *sigh* An otherwise good day gone to shit, if you ask me. 😉 And I broke two nails in the explosion-o-plastic and nearly missed a concussion from an errant box of jumbo liners designed for plus-sized cat asses. (I bought those, too, BTW.)

Even though this was my Valentines Day treat for the girls, I hate that litterboxes are so overpriced. I mean, they are containers that are full of shit, and you (er, your puddy tats) supply the shit!

In any event, I had a hard time finding one that had an opening big enough for Maddie’s fat ass, but I ended up with this one, and she loves it already. Thank god, ’cause she poops outside the box so often that I needed to find something that she would WANT to haul her ass INTO.

Leave it to my cat to try to take a nap in the ‘box. I don’t care what she does in it, just as long as she hits it once in awhile:

Oh, and that’s Kadi trying to cramp her style. Kadi never misses a chance to aggravate her big sister!

I was talking to a few other women in the pet store, and one said I was lucky to just have one who shits on the floor because she couldn’t fit in the old litterbox (I’ve had to keep the lid off, and even then she doesn’t always go in. Hurrah). One gal said her cat just shits in the bed. Maddie only wipes her ass on the bed, so apparently I am the more fortunate human!

Oh, and Tidy Cats may start paying me royalties for advertising their product now!

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2 Responses to Hello Shitty

  1. John :

    Maddie has staked out the “Fortress of Solitude” for herself. LOL!! Kadi had better look out because Maddie put the “S” in Solitude, Shitty and of course SuperCat!

  2. Dawn :

    Maddie had diarrhea this morning, and she shat OUTSIDE the box. Like, two fucking inches from it. ARGH. I give up!!!