Reader Poll Monday

And I’m doing it on a Monday. Amazing!

  • If you could have any view in the world visible from your bed, what would it be?
    I wouldn’t hate overlooking Greece or Italy. although I still contend that the finest U.S. skyline happens to belong to Pittsburgh.
  • If you could have the hair of any Hollywood celebrity, whose would you want?
    Julia Roberts
  • If you had to name the single most erotic part of the human body, what would it be?
    On me? My neck. Maybe my back. On others? I am hard-pressed to name a part that isn’t. Perhaps the inner forearm, the lower lip, the jawline and most definitely the inner thigh.

    I need to go, ah, *freshen up* right now. … 😉

  • If you were to have three new baby daughters, what would you name them?
    Disclaimer: I’d rather have boys. But playing along, I like yuppie, romance-novel names like Samantha and Savannah, and I always liked Jordan as a girl’s name.
  • If you could give one thing to each of your ex-lovers, what would you give them?
    I’d give them a farging CLUE.

    The clue that buying me lots of crap isn’t going to change my feelings (although I wouldn’t necessarily discourage trying that route. LOL), the clue that thinking I’m going to wait by the phone is a myth because I am WORTH SOMETHING and will find someone who doesn’t need to have that so brutally explained, the clue that I am not a “bitch” and I would revolve my entire world (well, maybe just a *lot* of it) around the *right* person but I need to be persuaded of that liberally and often.

  • If you could give any piece of advice to the fashion industry right now, what would you say?
    That prints make big people look even bigger. That gray pants make you look like you have an elephant-butt. That pink-and-yellow shirts make you look like a ham-and-cheese sandwich. That good, classic cuts of skirts and pants should not be retired at the end of the season in favor for something supposedly new-and-exciting. That I am disgusted how tasteful, cute and trendy clothes in a not-tiny size are ridiculously expensive and even harder to find. That bigger people really don’t need to hide beneath circus-tent-sized garb and that showing the occasional bit of skin is actually more slimming than hiding beneath 40 yards of fabric.
  • If you had to pick the most beautiful word in your own language, what would you choose?
    Any word not positively butchered works for me.

    That, and I just never have enough opportunities to use the word “concupiscence” in everyday conversation.

  • If you could have the sense of humor of anyone you know, who would it be?
    Am I egotistical if I vote for my own? I make funny jokes all the time that it seems that only *I* get. 😉 And listing the person whose name came to mind would seem like I was sucking up anyway, so fiddle dee dee. Pfft.
  • If you could impose a heavy luxury tax on any single item, what would it be?
    Lexus vehicles. Although if I could tax stupidity, no one in this world would go hungry again.
  • If you had to choose the one thing that gives you the most comfort, what would you say?
    My mommy. 🙂 And, on the rare occasion that I bother with it, my diary.
  • On iTunes: Willy Porter, “Watercolor”

    3 Responses to Reader Poll Monday

    1. Anonymous :


      I need to go, ah, *freshen up* right now. 😉


    2. nic :

      I love the “ham & cheese sandwich” image!

    3. Dawn :

      Ah, Ted, now I know *your* favorite word. 😉

      Nic, that totally came from one summer when I saw my mom in a yellow tank top and pink shorts. I called her a ham and cheese sandwich for a whole summer. She still hasn’t forgiven me, but she hasn’t pulled off that fashion faux pas again!