Fuckity fuck fuck fuck

Despite my ongoing quest to phase UPS out of my life because they SUCK, especially the bitches who work in my local pickup center (who like to complain about what assholes their customers are … TO OTHER CUSTOMERS), I have to go there again. *heavy sigh* I ordered a FABULOUS skirt and it was delivered today via those bastards. I’d told the originating company to use FedEx or the postal service!!! Why does it keep happening to me that NO ONE listens to me?!?!

Seriously, UPS? Saturday hours would be fucking wonderful. Really. Because I don’t want to wait however long it would take to ship this to an alternate address, given that the last time I asked you to do that, it got shipped back to the sender in California, then out to their new HQ in Las Vegas, and THEN got back here a month LATER!!! Because, like, shit was BROKEN but I missed the window to EXCHANGE the item. Thanks much, you goat-blowing sons of bitches.

Breathe. I can’t think of a more fitting way for this week to end. Oh, yeah, who has unresolved vitirol? You’re lookin’ at her. I’ve been pissed off about something since the Thursday before last and I’m happy to channel that rage onto my unfriendly neighborhood UPS counter workers!.

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2 Responses to Fuckity fuck fuck fuck

  1. A.McSholty :

    And don’t you just LOVE it when they lose the fucking package?! Bastards.

  2. Anonymous :

    I agree, UPS sucks ass. I hate them. Their customer service does not exist. They find the most out of the way places for their warehouses, and they hire morons. Ugh!