For luck

In my office, I have one of those clear chair mats that serves little more purpose than to catch coffee spills. 🙂

But when I moved into said space, I noticed there was something trapped under the plastic — a penny. Face-up. For luck, I guess.

It will remain there as long as I am. Which I hope will be a very long time.

And, just like Hallmark cards, I am beginning to believe there is a song for everything. And, it just so happens to be by one of my favorite Pittsburgh-based bands, where I will be headed when my work is done.

This is the tune I tend to be singing when I’m having my a.m. caffeine boost and putting on my makeup (so as not to scare my beloved colleagues). Download away, and enjoy your day off if, in fact, it’s a holiday for you. Anywho, it’s Bunny Day every day over at the Prattcave — I highly recommend partaking of “The Apprentice Easter Bunny” if you haven’t already — Greyton’s “harepiece” alone is worth the visit!

On iTunes: The Clarks, “Penny on the Floor”

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