Bunny Hell Land

Well, I am back from the Mansons’ Camp Cupcake Bunny Hell Land.

Yes, Mom transformed her hacienda into what she called Bunny Hell Land, although it was ridiculously adorable, of course. 🙂 Not like her neighbors “The Griswolds,” who have had this Christmas/Valentine’s Day/St. Paddy’s Day/Easter medley going for a couple of months.

I loved seeing the family. Mom said it wasn’t enough time (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). I think it was sufficient, although I swear I spent more time driving than I did actually seeing the family. Anyway, I was just happy because I got to The O (mmm, vat o’fries with Cheez Wiz) and to Alexander’s (mmm, wedding soup and chicken eggplant pesto). Seriously, best wedding soup on the planet, I say. Skip the tiramisu and catch it next time at the Spaghetti Warehouse, which I plan to do next time I swing through town. 🙂

Yes, it’s all about the food. 😉 We won’t even talk about how much Mom cooked despite hte fact that I needed my hometown restaurant fixes. She did give me her recipe for banana bread (which I seem to have promptly lost) — everything in my family is solved with home-baked goods. That would explain the size of my ass, but I digress. 😉

Anyway, I had a MISERABLE, rainy drive home, only to arrive at a cat shit-fest. The cats definitely left their mark, so to speak, on the house. Kadi annihilated my beloved black leather jacket that Mom gave me. The woman neither has a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, so when she gives me something — especially a big-ticket item — I tend to cherish it for that reason alone. That, and she has impeccable taste, but I digress. Anyway, there are kitty claw holes all over it and big rips and tears — looks like I went through war in it. Hooray.

Oh, and remember when I was on the hunt for Yohji perfume. Found it. Got it in the mail before I left. Loved it.

And it rolled off the fucking bathroom sink yesterday.

*heavy sigh*

I give up. I had to buy it off eBay. Spent way too much on it but was so freaking in love with it that it didn’t matter.

In any event, my bathroom and bedroom smell divine — the Yohji aroma has permeated the back of the apartment. Always tryin’ to find a bright side, eh? 🙂

But, I thought I’d cleaned up all the glass from the spillage, but apparently not, as I came home last night to find kitty vomit o’plenty EVERYWHERE. I swear, it makes me feel like a bad mommy that my cats are so hungry by the time I come home that they will eat shards of GLASS as an appetizer!

In any event, other than the festival o’cat droppings at home, everything else is going splendiferously, so I have no complaints … nor any coming up in the foreseeable future. Someone once told me that the best revenge is living well. I am proud to be the living embodiment of truth in advertising, as far as that goes. 🙂

On iTunes: Melissa Etheridge, “The Different”

One Lonely Response to Bunny Hell Land

  1. A.McSholty :

    You inspired me, with your talk of perfume, to dig out my inner girl and find a “scent” of my own. I wasn’t so successful, until my mother gave me a bottle of Kenneth Cole’s Black for my birthday and I love it!